Le jour où j’ai vu le ciel bleu au-dessus de New-York

Big surprise today: the sky is blue!!!!! I can't believe it as it was still grey and raining yesterday. Well, I'll change my plans for today. Yesterday evening I took a ticket for the Empire State building (just in case) and it just seems I'll use it today.

I left the hotel at 8.30 and arrived at the ESB before  9.00am, wich was a brilliant idea because I didn't wait at all: thanks to my NY pass I got my ticket from the news stand yesterday and didn't have to wait for it, then today I skipped the ticket line (more than 50 people were waiting). I didn't wait neither at the security check (a local specialty), didn't wait for the 1st lift. We stopped at the 80th floor, wich looked ugly because they are revamping it (you cannot enven reach the windows to see outside). Then I took another lift and of course, I didn't wait. When I went out of the lift, I had a breathtaking view on NY. Everything looks soooo small from here!!! It's fabulous! And with the blue sky it's really per-fect. It took me a while to start taking pictures because I didn't know what to start with. You can see a picture of South Manhattan, where I'll go tomorrow.

When I decided to go away, I suddenly noticed that it was a good idea to wake up early: the lines for the lift was so long! and I didn't see the one for the tickets, but it was certainly even longer.

When I was at the top of the ESB, I was a little cold (i didn't notice the air had cooled in the night) and I was almost sure I would be very cold on the boat to Liberty Statue & Ellis Island. Once again, I changed my plans and headed to the City Hall, thinking that I would go to the WTC after. But when I got there, I saw it... my bridge... Brooklyn bridge. I couldn't resist... I started walking and crossed it and arrived in Brooklyn. The bridge is gorgeous and the view from it is amazing. (you have some pictures of both).

In Brooklyn, I did visit the NY  City Transit Museum, Brooklyn Museum, the Botanic Garden and the Aquarium (which was much smaller than I thought, but anyway it was large enough for today and they kicked me off as they were closing).

I ended my visit of Brooklyn eating an ice cream, my feet in the sand of Coney Island Beach.

Les photos du jour :


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