The day I took 332 pictures

I’m a pictures addict, but I think I’ve never taken so many pictures. Today started early because some of my roomates woke up at 7.00 and then I did the same.
I started with a church close from my hotel (the Christian Science Church), then Trinity Church, then I went to Boston Commons (the park) and followed again the Freedom Trail. This time I did it all, from Boston Commons to Bunker Hill And the USS Constitution. Here’s the whole list: the State House, Park Church, Old Granary Burial Ground, King’s Chapel, the Old Corner Bookstore, the Old State House (I did visit it, but it was forbidden to take pictures), the Boston Massacre site, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the memorial for the victims of World War II (I know it’s not in the Freedom Trail, but I saw it anyway), Paul Revere’s House (did visit it too, no pictures again!!! the house is so old, simple and nice), Old North Church, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Bunker Hill (294 steps to get to the top, without lift to have a wonderful view on Boston) and the USS Constitution (did visit it too, and also the Cassin Young, another - and more recent - navy boat). All this was a very long walk but I finished visiting the Cassin Young around 1.30pm, wich allowed me to do other things: I went to the aquarium because I could get my ticket for a short cruise in the harbor. Instead of waiting stupidly 45min for the next cruise, I decided to take the time to visit the aquarium before and took a ticket for the 3.30pm cruise.
The aquarium is small but great. I took a lot of pictures there (like in all the other places today).
The cruise was fun too but the sun wasn’t on the right side to take pictures. You know what? Boston is small!! I shouldn’t have come here after NY!!!
I went to the Science Museum to get a ticket for the “Boston Duck Tour”, a fun tour of the city by car, but it was already too late: almost everything ends at 5.00pm here in Boston!!! It’s incredible!
After this, I went back to the hostel, had something for dinner and went to the top of the Prudential Center , and guess what? It was open today!! It was already the night and the town is just wonderful with all its lights!
Now, I let you because I really need to sleep.

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Avez-vous ri, pleuré, eu envie de partager une expérience en me lisant, ou aimé les photos... ou pas... et si vous m'écriviez un petit mot ? Les questions sont les bienvenues même si je ne suis pas sûre d'avoir la réponse

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