The day it was raining

Today, I have visited a lot of places.

I was going to the subway station when I saw a bus going downtown... well, my metro card allows me to take the bus, then let's go. It's raining and I don't want to walk in the rain. Now, I can tell you that the metro is muuuuuch faster than the bus. The only good thing with the bus is that you can sit down and see the streets. Yep , I know I'm lazy. New york is wonderful! There are a lot of cars, and of course you have traffic jam, but it's not driving you mad like in St Petersburg. It's much more quiet.

There's another good thing with the bus: it took me from the 96th street (one block from my hotel) right to the United Nations Headquarters. The UN headquarters where on the top of my list of places to visit. Now it's done. It was very impressive to be in that building. Unfortunately, because of the rain I didn't visit the gardens and for the same reason there were no flags in front of the building. I'll have to go there again for a nice picture of the outside.

After this, I went to the 42th street and started walking. I stopped at Grand Central Terminal and had lunch there. It's a huge train station, and you have plenty of restaurants under the main hall.

Then, I went to the NY Public Library... it was an excellent idea as when I was inside, it started raining for good.

When the rain let me carry on walking, I decided it would be a good idea to choose things to do INSIDE. On my list, I had: the NBC studio and the Rockfeller Center tours, between the 2 tours, I had time to walk around and visit St Patrick's cathedral and 2 other churches (I don't remember the names, sorry), and to see some other nice buildings in the area.

After all this, I went to the Empire State Building to see the New York Skyride show. It's really something to do when you arrive in NY: it's a movie that show you NY from the air then from the ground, with your seat moving as if you really were in a space ship. I had a lot of fun!

And at the end, I wen to Madame Tussaud's to meet Ghandi, Jean-Paul II, Bill Clinton, James Brown and many others.

I was so tired I ended the day having 'dinner' at Mc Donald's, on the 96th street. Aren't they ashamed to have opened a Mc Donald's so close from my hotel???

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