The day it was too late

I’m very tired and today, the post will be short. I’m also a little fed up because the museums close early and I didn’t do what I expected to do: for a lot of small museums, you must follow a guide who speaks english and tell you much more than you need to know and all this make you waste your time and miss other museums. That could sum up my day.

It started well because I managed to catch the first Boston Duck Tour: you sit down in a huge car, visit Boston following the streets, and at one moment, the car jumps into the water and becomes a boat, sailing on the river!!! Was really fun!
After this, on the way to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, I stopped at the Mapparium of the Mary Baker Eddy Library, wich wasn’t very interesting (even quite boring… and I had to wait 15 minute before the tour started and couldn’t leave before the end… 20 minutes later).
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is absolutely gorgeous!!! The building itself is amazing: the inside court is a trip to Venice with its decorated windows, the rooms are wonderfully decorated from the floor to ceiling, the furniture is incredibly well done with a million details, and as it wasn’t enough, you have a wonderful wollection of paintings, drawings, sculptures… I would have been the museum of my dreams if only could have taken pictures there but, once again, it was forbidden… I’m starting to hate that city.
When I went out of the museum, I had a cruel decision to make: to be on time for a cruise on the Liberty Fleet Tall Ship, I had to choose between visiting some house-museums (3, with very short open times and all with guided tours), or to visit Fenway Park, the famous baseball stadium home of the Red Socks. The Red Socks being the symbol of Boston, I’v opted for the tour of the park (and also because I’ve visited quite a lot of old houses recently). I thought the tour of the park would last half an hour as there were tours every 30 min… but in fact, there were several guides and the tour lasted 75 minutes… oooops!!! The tour itself was culturaly very intersting and the guide captivating because it was obvious he LOVED the Red Socks. On the other hand, at the end, I was looking at my watch, thinking I would never arrive on time for the cruise. Indeed, I took the subway right at the end of the tour, but when I arrived at the port, all I saw was a wonderful “sold out” sign on the cruise board. If I were a cartoon character,i would have had a very dark cloud above my head. Grrrr!!! I just hate that.
Let’s go back to the center of the town to visit the house-museums. I lost so much time to go to the port, 1 one of the museums was already closed. I went to 1 of the other 2 (the one closing first), thinking I would have enough time to visit the 3rd one… pffff! Once again, I had to wait for the begining of the guided tour and the guide was talkative and the tour ended too late for the 3rd museum. It really drove me mad.
At 5.00pm, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts wich is closing at 9.45pm on wednesdays!! I left the museum at 9.15 and had dinner before going back to the hotel. I’m now lying on my bed, almost sleeping… I don’t know what I will do tomorrow, but I hope it won’t be too late again!!
Good night!

Almost no pictures today, sorry!

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