The day I went to the town of witches

I had the schedule for the trains to Salem and someone in the room took it *me happy*. I went out of the hotel quite early and went to North Station, rushed to take my ticket on time for the 8.30 train boarded and 35 minutes later, I arrived in Salem.

NY was smaller than I thought, Boston is small and Salem is… tiny.
A lot of houses a made of wood, there’s a small port and a lot of museums about witches.
The first thing I did was to walk around the town, taking some pictures (well, I didn’t really had the choice because it was only 9.00 and the 1st museum opens at 10.00, hahahah!!). It really looks like a town for tourists addicted to witches and other strange stories.
At 10.30, the tour of the House of the Seven Gables started. No pictures. You listen politely to the guide telling you all the details you don’t care about, you then take a few seconds to look at the objects before your leave the room. I hate guided tours. They take such a long time and you don’t really see the things as you want.
At the end of the tour, I stayed in the garden to take pictures and then went to the Peabody Essex Museum, a huge collection of objects from all over the world brought there by sailors. There were a lot of very nice items.
It was hard to leave the museum, but I had to as I also wanted to visit the Witch Museum. It looked far on the map, but in the reality it wasn’t: I went 1 street to far, and lost time… only a few minutes, but that was enough to miss the 12.30 guided tour!!! It really bores me to wait 30 minutes for a guided tour, and also, with the 1.00pm tour, I would have missed the train to Boston and could have said good bye to my other visits in Boston. Because of that, I decided not to wait for the next tour and to go to the station. You guessed I missed the train by 2 minutes and had to wait for almost 1 hour.
I arrived in Boston at 2.15, picked a trolley pass for tomorrow (one of these trolleys fo tourists that go from one site to another, with comments by a guide). Then, I went to the Gibson house (one of the houses I wanted to visit yesterday) and had to wait 15min for the no-pictures-please-guided-tour, wich lasted a little more than one hour… of course, the “little more than” costed me to miss the other house because it was too late for the last guided tour of the day.
Did I ever tell you that I hated guided tours???? I’ll remain polite on this blog, but I promise you I have enough of these guided tours. I’ve wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of beautiful places because of them.
I was so tired and fed up I went to the hotel to have a rest and decided not to go to the museum of contemporary art, because modern art is not my thing.
End of the day.

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