The day it was almost the end

Today was my last full day in Boston. I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon and I will arrive quite late in NY then, I’m really not sure I will be able to post here.
My day started early again, with a visit of Harvard and the Museum of Natural History (in Harvard). The museum wasn’t as big as the one I saw in NY, but it was very interesting and I’ve learned several things. Do you know the color of the pigment of a blue feather? It’s black, but some air bubbles make it look blue, hahahah!!! You didn’t know, right?
After that, I walked a little more in Harvard and then took the bus to the JFK museum. I’m happy I took the time to visit it. The museum is outside the town
and from there, you can see Boston from the South. The museum includes a lot of videos and make you travel into the past, with a reconstitution of Kennedy’s Headquaters for the 1960 elections or Bobby’s office and a lot of pictures, letters, clothing and other objects related to JFK and his family.
When I came back in the center of Boston, I stopped at South Station to visit Chinatown and walked to the hotel to have a (very) short break. Then, again, I took the subaway and went straight to the north, to visit the Museum of Science... it just seemed they made the museum just for me: The whole part related to the earth was excellent. I spent so much time there that I didn’t make it to visit the rest of the museum. I had a great time there.

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