The day I was back in NewYork

This morning, I only had a rest in Boston as I’m very tired after having visited so many places and museums. I left the hotel around 1.00pm and went to South Station to take the bus. I was lucky the 2.00pm bus wasn’t full and they let me board with my 4.00pm ticket, hoping that we won’t be stuck in the traffic jam in NY.
That’s incredible to see how the nature has changed here in only 5 days: on my way to Boston, there were only a few yellow leaves in the trees and today, they were much more numerous and there were also a lot of red ones. It was wondeful and it will certainly be just incredible next week… I’d really like to stay here and look at the trees becoming yellow and then all red!!! Instead of that, I’m going to NY and on Wednesday, I’ll be back at the office in Montpellier *noooooooo!!!!! Life is so unfair!!!*
Arriving in the Queens, I suddenly understood that it was a brilliant idea to have left Boston earlier because there was already a big traffic jam to cross the bridges to reach Manhattan.
The weather here is not very nice (I think they had rain this afternoon). At one moment, the view was amazing: the highway was quite high because it was going over a huge cemetery, and right in front of us there was New York, with a pinkish and already very low sun, and the top of the buildings were in a sort of fog or clouds. It was like a dream. In that cas, I love traffic jams… it gives you a extra moment to see the landscapes.

Then, after a long while on the road, we arrived in Chinatown, I took the subway and arrived at the hotel. It’s quite old and not so clean, but I’m there only for 2 nights then, that should be ok.

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