The day I spent walking in NewYork

Today, I had breakfast with Natasha and Murat (from Russia), and we decided to visit NY together today as our plans were the same.
We started our walk in Central Park. I didn’t really enjoyed my short walk there last week because of the weather, but today, the sky is blue, the temperature is ideal, there are a lot of people running or walking in the park, the squirels are also here… it’s just per-fect!!
In Central Park we saw the Reservoir, Alice in Wonderland, Strawberry Fields (with the memorial to John Lennon) and some other nice places.
After Central Park, we took the subway to Greenwich Village and walked around. In some streets, you do not feel you are in NY because everything is so quiet (or maybe it’s only because it’s Sunday) and the houses are smaller, older… well it’s different (look at the pictures if you don’t understand).
After Greenwich, we went to Chinatown to have lunch (at 2.30pm) and then we went to Little Italy, where we had an excellent traditional ice cream (pistachio, of course!!!). We walked in the now famous street all decorated for San Gennaro Feast.
From there, we went to Soho and its particular architecture (many of the buildings were once factories). It’s amazing to see that each area in NY has its own culture, architecture and spirit (you can also see some pictures).
Then, I sugested we could go to the Flat Iron Building and we took the subway to go there. Unfortunately, only a small part of the building was in the sun (if ever you plan to take a picture of it, don’t wait for the end of the afternoon). We had a short rest in the park across the street, where we also took pictures of tree-shaped metal sculptures (I love the light effects on it).
We then again took the subway to see Wall street before heading to South Street sea port. From Wall street, we could already see Brooklyn skyline, which looked like gold thanks to the late afternoon light.
Arriving at South Street sea port, we went to the former fish market (now, you have restaurants and bars there) and found 3 seats to admire the sunset on the Queens and Brooklyn. We stayed for quite a long time and left only at night… many, many pictures later.
My stay here couldn’t end in a better way.
… well, once back at the hotel, I saw on TV that I could wave good bye to my plans for tomorrow as Ahmadinejad (the Iranian President) was in NY and would make a speach in Columbia University tomorrow… guess what wasn’t far from the hotel and still had to see? Yep, Columbia University!!! How did you guess?

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