Day 1: leaving home

Yesterday night, it was time to pack my luggage. Hmmm... much more difficult than i thought : how to have enough clothing for 1 month with temperatures going from 0°C (according to Yahoo, it's snowing today in Kyrgyzstan) to over 30°C (in Uzbekistan and some cities in China) ??? I've never spent so much time getting ready for a trip. One thing is sure: it will be a nightmare every time i will need something in my bag as it's completely FULL...
This morning, as usual, I had to run to the railway station *me being late quite often* not to miss my train... but at the end, I've waited almost 40 minutes before the train left Montpellier due to a problem on the line. And as it wasn't enough, it took 1 hour to reach Nimes (twice the usual time).
Once in Paris, I opted to take the shuttle to the airport : it's more expensive the the RER, but there are no stairs, no connection, and above all : you can see the (not so blue) sky and see Paris : the Palais de la Porte Dorée, where I want to go next time I go to Paris (there's an aquarium inside and the building is awsome), and a few other places that remind me of past trips.

At the moment, I'm sitting in the plane and I've just finished my yummy dinner : this was muuuuuuuch better than on some other companies (like Lufthansa or AerLingus). Before they started serving the meals, the smell of the food coming from the « kitchen » was incredible : a goooooood smell like at the chinese restaurants in Montpellier... I LOVE it !!! and I'm not joking – chinese food it by far my favourite. Even the coffee they served me didn't manage to make me think about something else. Imagine me drinking my coffe and looking impatiently behind me to see it they were stating serving dinner... patience is not my thing. The main course was an excellent chicken with rice... i can't wait to be in china to eat more meals like this. I've taken some pictures. I don't know if i will be able to post them before the end of the trip as they are on the memory of my small camera (and not on a card... grrrr!). I'll try but I don't promise anything.

Nothing really important or fun happened, then i won't bother you anymore. The upcoming month should be much more interesting to read than this stupid post... come back often to read more.


Avez-vous ri, pleuré, eu envie de partager une expérience en me lisant, ou aimé les photos... ou pas... et si vous m'écriviez un petit mot ? Les questions sont les bienvenues même si je ne suis pas sûre d'avoir la réponse

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