Day 3 : walking in the rain

Hi, dear reader, nice to see you here !
Today was tough... when i woke up, i could hear the rain outside and i immediately wished it was a nightmare and that i would wake up for good and heard the birds singing... but nothing happened, it was the reality and my adventure in Beijing would start under the rain *insert huge sight here*

Ok, with such a weather, in order not to ruin my camera with the rain, i decided i would visit the aquarium which seems to be fantastic (and i love aquariums) . the only problem i had was that i didn't realize how far it was !!! (only) 2 metro stations between my hotel and the aquarium, but it took me almost 2 hours to get there !!!! it's in the middle of roads we would consider as highways, and of course, i couldn't find the entrance gate. I sked several people, and let me tell you that next time i see some chinese people lost in Montpellier, i won't try to help him/her. When the people here see you arriving with a map, they look terrified or they eve do as if they didn't see you, even if you're talking to them. So nice, thanks !
Those who answer do not really help you neither as they are showing you several directions, once on the left, once on the right and look satisfied of their answer... well... it did help at all, but thanks anyway for trying. In Montpellier, i have helped tourist without words just showing them on a map where they were and the road to the place they wanted to go to, but here in Beijing, nobody can't read maps.
I was a bout to give up and go back to the ceter of Beijing when I arrive at the gate of the aquarium. Greaaaat gate, with a lot of steps, a statue, columns and much more to impress the world. Then you have to face the cruel reality once again : the price you tried to get on internet and didn't find is here, written in bold letters : 120 RMB (the equivalent of 40 metro tickets, or 120 bus tickets)... it must be the most expensive attraction in the town but after 2 hours walking in the rain, ok, let's go ! i didn't regret it as there were a lot of fishes i didn't know (some huge ones seemed to be arriving from the past, some others were just strange with big cheeks), just one thing i missed : i didn't have enough of jellyfishes ! they are amazing and there was only one small tank with small jellyfishes. I have taken a lot of pictures but i won't be able to show them for the moment as the blonde inside me forgot the cable to transfer the pictures for my CF card to the computer *insert laughs here* i'll see tomorrow if someone in the group can let me use his/hers of if need to buy one (in china, it shouldn't be difficult to find that).
After my visit at the aquarium, i discovered that my ticket also allowed me to visit the zoo, even if a small fee - 5RMB - was required to see the pandas. I saw some amazing white tigers, a couple of lions, a black panther, lynxes, and many others.
After that, I took the bus to the town center (it took more than 1/2 an hour!!) and headed to the north to go back to the hotel. On my way, i stopped in a supermarket in a traditional building to see how it was and after the cashier desk, there were some food and people eating there... and do know what ? I tried it too. It's simple you look at what you want, then you have to tell a woman what you want, you pay and she gives you a ticket, you give the ticket to a cook and he prepares your meal. A kind lady offered me a spoon thinking i wouldn't manage to eat with their traditional guns, but i did it ! i finished my plate without the spoon ! *me proud* It was good, in large quantity and i only paid 4.50RMB. I will remember the address for sure!!

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